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My Expertise

Google Ads Management

Boost your business's online presence using Google Ads and its diverse ad formats. Reach potential customers through Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. Watch your business thrive with increased visibility and engagement.

Meta/Facebook/Instagram Ads Management

Expand your business reach with Meta (formerly Facebook) Ads! Harness the power of Facebook and Instagram's vast user base to target your ideal audience, drive conversions, and boost brand awareness effectively.

Linkedin Ads Management

Elevate your business with LinkedIn Ads! Connect with a highly professional audience, showcase your products or services, and grow your brand influence through targeted campaigns on the world's largest professional network.

YouTube Ads Management

Unlock the potential of YouTube Ads for your business! Reach billions of users worldwide with engaging video content, drive traffic, and capture the attention of your target audience to accelerate your business growth.

Microsoft/Bing Ads

Amplify your business with Bing Ads! Tap into a vast audience beyond Google, attract potential customers, and increase conversions by leveraging the power of Microsoft's search engine network.

Quora Ads

Harness the knowledge-sharing community with Quora Ads! Promote your business, drive targeted traffic, and engage with a highly curious and educated audience seeking answers related to your products or services.

From Full-Time Employment to Consultant: Building a Stellar Client Portfolio

About Me

Performance Marketing Consultant

Performance Marketing Consultant

Hello there! I'm Mohit Kaushal, a seasoned Performance Marketing Consultant with over 12 years of invaluable experience in delivering outstanding results for clients across diverse industries in both Ecommerce and Lead Generation. I have had the privilege of working with esteemed brands like Lenskart.com, Healthkart.com, and Bodyshop India (Boddess) in my full-time employment journey of 8 Years.
As the world went through a transformative phase with the pandemic, I embraced change and emerged as a dedicated full-time Performance Marketing Consultant. Over the past two years, I have successfully collaborated with and provided stellar outcomes for more than 30 clients.
My expertise lies in harnessing data-driven insights to optimize campaigns across various digital channels, specifically excelling in Paid Search (Google/Bing Ads) and Social Media (Meta/Instagram & LinkedIn Ads). Through strategic planning and execution, I have consistently helped businesses elevate their online presence and drive tangible results.

Client Testimonials

Assistant Vice President

Mohit is one of the sharpest minds as far as strategy to execution for digital marketing is concerned.
We both bounced off intellectual ideas and innovative ways to increase the top of the funnel awareness as well as improving transactional funnel metrics like Visits, CTRs,Conversion,etc. He possesses strong analytical and decision-making skills which help him convert his potential into high levels of performance benchmarks.

Nirav Varma

Chief Manager – Digital Marketing (SEO)

I have worked with Mohit in Healthkart & As I know he is one of the best digital marketing guy I have worked with. His experience is only 4-5 years but individually he can contribute more than what a 8-10 years experience can contribute. A team guy but individually he can work as a team.

Dhananjay Kumar

Managing Director

Mohit worked closely with our digital marketing team to provide performance support for over a year. We appreciated his dependability and flexibility when it came to executing / optimizing campaigns with a tight timeline. He’s worked on brands across a number of verticals including F&B, consumer and finance.

Natalie Chua

General Manager

Mohit is hard-working and understands the aims and outcomes of a project from the beginning and is effective in seeing these aims through and is always completing them on time. He is resourceful and dynamic and has the particular ability with problem-solving. He functioned very well in his capacity as a team leader. He is friendly and gets along as well with his colleagues. He is highly respected, both personally and professionally.
He has excellent knowledge of digital marketing and is always looking out for new learnings

Parthajit Das Gupta


Ritesh D. Ritelin


Mohit is a really talented and helpful guy. He helped me with a problem that I was facing in my social media campaign.

Reshabh Sharma

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